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Physicians, Case Managers, and Insurance Adjusters: Do you have a client that could benefit from Functional Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, or Massage Therapy?

Functional Therapy Unlimited works with people that have injuries as a result of being in a motor vehicle accident.

Functional Therapy Unlimited of Michigan is the premier provider of functional therapy, which includes massage therapy, functional exercise therapy, and aquatic therapy for those with chronic and acute physical conditions or disability caused by auto accidents or chronic conditions.

Perhaps you have a loved one or a client that is disabled or suffers from an acute physical condition. You seek the best outcome possible — something that will improve quality of life, overall health, and well-being. You may not know where to turn for the right answers, and those days and nights looking for the best provider are long, tiring, and frightening. Take heart — we are here for you.

Functional Therapy Unlimited has a simple motto: “Onward!” This motto sums up our mission and passion — to see each individual succeed and strive towards a better, and healthier, lifestyle. We consider you and your loved ones to be family members. We invest ourselves into functional therapy and rehabilitation, always keeping in mind how we would want to be cared for in similar circumstances. Let us show you a few stories of clients we have helped.

What is functional therapy? It is not fitness training or personal training. Functional Therapy picks up where physical therapy leaves off. Clients go through a cycle of care — the medical care to address their injuries, followed by physical therapy to help with function and basic strength. However, many people are discharged from physical therapy before they are truly strong enough or have enough endurance to function independently at home. Functional therapy addresses that need via training to improve strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Functional therapy is customized to each client and is tailored to specific goals for total body rehabilitation. Functional therapy can include aquatic therapy or massage therapy as part of the overall plan. We start with re-training people for the basic activities of daily living, progressing to strength training to restore functionality back to parts of the body.

We make therapy easy for clients and their caregivers by providing mobile service. We travel to the communities in which our clients live and utilize local gyms, community centers, or the client’s home to provide care. Additionally, we continuously communicate with the entire rehabilitation team to arrive at decisions that achieve fitness and rehabilitation goals.

We are unique in Michigan with our comprehensive services based on functional therapy and our mobile client care.

Call us today at (248) 792-3633 or contact us here.  Let’s talk about the needs of your loved one or client. Let’s get them on their way to a better quality of life!