Client Testimonials

“In working with Fitness Therapy Unlimited I’ve always received high-quality service. It seems to be a company with an excellent vision of filling an important need in people’s lives. I’ve worked with Lauren for a few years now and simply could not picture myself working with a therapist that could possibly be any better than her. She’s always helped push me forward in an uplifting and motivating manner. Thanks to her fantastic creativity and ability to think outside the box, I’ve made excellent progress during my time with her. She’s been a true friend and a great helper. As long as FTU keeps on hiring therapists like her they will be able to make a powerful difference for good in the lives of their clients, as they have made in mine. Working with Lauren and with Fitness Therapy Unlimited has been a wonderfully rewarding experience on many levels.”

Seth Coyne, FTU Client

“I have been disabled for three years, and in those years I have gone through numerous physical therapists. Each one, although well-meaning, lacked something. I’m not sure what it was, if it was tangible, or if I can articulate it, but it was glaringly obvious that these people would not see me through to recovery. In the short months that I have known and had the pleasure of working with Mario, I have had the exact opposite experience. Mario sees my potential and helps me to see to it in myself. He is knowledgeable, personable, and extremely competent. Not having control of your body is a scary situation to be in, especially when you find yourself lowered into an ice cold pool, but Mario has managed to make even that experience rewarding and fun. More importantly, I feel stronger and more flexible thanks to his efforts, and perhaps most importantly of all; hopefully about living an independent life someday. I genuinely do not know where I would be in my recovery without Mario’s help, and I feel lucky to be one of his clients.”

Chelsea Fleetham, client of FTU

“…I was amazed that you came to my place of employment to learn what caused my injury and what type of things I would need to be able to accomplish to return to my job… When I started Fitness Therapy Unlimited, I had trouble walking, sleeping, sitting, standing, and so on. I was in horrible pain with every movement. I was taking Vicodin, Flexeril, and Nurontin every 4 hours. I received temporary relief from the steroid shots, but if it wasn’t for FTU, I would still be getting shots. I haven’t had a shot in more than 4 months. I am certain that the fitness therapy was my breakthrough. Today I am pain free with absolutely no pain medication, working 10 hours per day at the position that the injury happened, working out regularly, and soon returning to my second job as a Firefighter.”

Curt Collar, client of FTU

“…At first I was afraid of putting my trust into anyone (outside of my family)…After my surgery a nurse had me walking. I fell down and rebroke my hip…For all these years, I had a hard time trusting people, but I realized that I really needed to get healthier and in shape and get back to walking without a cane. And with your company’s help, I have a real great trainer, named Nate, who constantly up lifts me by complimenting my workouts and the things that I do. And the exercises give me more energy and make me feel better about myself. Now I know that I can do it (Just like my family always said I would find out someday!)”

M.J., client of FTU

“I just wanted to tell you all what a GREAT JOB you are doing with [my client].  I have been working with [him] for the past two years and he has been in and out of therapies.  This is the FIRST time that I am really seeing progress.  [He] is stronger and more confident! Thank you so much for seeing the potential that he has and really concentrating on his strengths.  You are making such a difference in his life and I appreciate what you guys do!”

Kristy Cole, Program Manager, Progressions of Rochester Hills

“I wanted to get in contact with you regarding my fitness therapy sessions that I currently have set up with [your therapist]. I would first just like to say how pleased I am with the sessions that I have with [him] three times a week. I really appreciate his sincerity and the dedication he demonstrates each time. He never hesitates to check to make sure I can handle everything during the exercises. He also provides lots of encouragement and never gives up on me. I have had people work with me before, but never have I had such a rewarding experience. I just wanted to let you know how great of a job he is doing and I thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity!”

V.K., client of FTU

“I am amazed at the great improvement in [my sister’s] walking, she is actually lifting her leg, setting it down from heel to toe and her knee on the left leg is actually bending now.  I definitely see that her strength and stamina has increased.  She is even now going to get her mail using her walker as opposed to motorized wheelchair, that’s wonderful!  She told me the other day that she is walking sideways along the railing in the hallway without her walker, wow!!!….”

Bev Drotar, Client’s Family Member

“…the family is THRILLED with his services…rave reviews!”

Diane Herdade, RN, BSN, CCM

“The FTU therapists want the client to achieve the goal as much as the client wants to reach the goal themselves, which is motivational for clients.  Working with FTU has not only increased my physical strength and fitness level, but has also increased my self esteem and motivation for fitness goals.”

Juliene Edwards, Client

“I would recommend Greg and his fitness therapists at FTU for anyone who finds themselves in need of a caring and talented staff, and a results oriented program. My patients have repeatedly thanked me for finding and referring them to FTU.”

Susan Smith, PhD, BSN, RN, CRRN, CCM, BAEd

“I can honestly say that one of the best things I have done for some of my clients was to refer them to you for fitness therapy.  Your interventions have provided them with a motivating means of achieving their goals when traditional physical therapies have not been adequate.”

Paula Abraham, RN, BSN, CCM

“Fitness Therapy Unlimited is able to take the client who has finished their therapy program to the next level. They emphasize a lifestyle change that encourages the client to achieve and maintain a healthy life style. My client has gained both physical and emotinal health through the program.”

Patti Welborn RN, CCM

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