Functional Aquatic Therapy


Safety is our primary concern.

Unlike other therapies, we help the client get in and out of the pool, and we are by their side IN the pool at all times, offering support and direction.

Our Approach to Aquatic Therapy

Functional Aquatic Therapy

We work with clients in aquatic centers close to their homes, helping them become part of their own community.

Aquatic Therapy for Paraplegia

All of our clients receive one-on-one treatment. This is especially important in Aquatic Therapy where client safety is a priority.

Functional Therapy Unlimited Paraplegic Walking

Aquatic Therapy is often where clients begin their journey with FTU. Progression to an Exercise Therapy program is always a goal.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic therapy allows our clients freedom from wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers.


Water provides buoyancy, allowing the client to move independently.


Water reduces impact on joints and other physical stress created by Exercise Therapy.


Water provides natural resistance. Every movement provides muscular strengthening. Repetitive movement will improve cardiovascular endurance.


Clients with balance issues, such as those with TBIs or SCIs, often find the aquatic environment safe and relaxing. Falling is no longer an issue!


Water is calming, allowing tense muscles to relax naturally.

Paths to Client Success

FTU’s treatment plan for each client is designed to be a Total Body Program. Instead of focusing on the area of injury, programs are specifically created to strengthen the whole body, which leads to better results and quality of life.

Our proven educational model is the cornerstone of our therapy. Through their aquatic therapy program and other treatment, we work to ensure they understand not only what to do, but how it helps them improve their daily life.

Client success is our mission, so we ask clients to adhere to a strict attendance policy. We believe success is not possible if treatment is not delivered consistently.

To increase the odds of continued client success, we offer a maintenance program. We check in with clients, conduct sessions, or make adjustments to their Home Exercise Program if needed.

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