Functional Exercise Therapy

Taking a Total Body Approach

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Unlike physical therapy, Functional Exercise Therapy focuses on total body rehabilitation instead of concentrating on just the  injured area(s).

Functional Exercise Therapy in Michigan

Depending on the injury or availability of equipment, we’ll be creative and adjust the exercise regimen to help our client accomplish their goals.

Functional Therapy Unlimited Amputee Treadmill

We are a recovery option to help clients from physically regressing or returning to previous therapies.

Functional Exercise Therapy can begin after or independently of physical therapy, allowing clients to reach their maximum recovery potential.

Functional Exercise Therapy focuses on functionality, allowing our clients to improve their activities of daily living, balance, and range of motion.

Often, Functional Exercise Therapy can lead to a reduction in pain and the need for pain medication.

A Proven Method


Functional Therapy Unlimited works as part of the client’s entire rehabilitation team. We communicate with doctors, case managers, caretakers, and others throughout the client’s entire program.


All clients are given an individualized, professionally-developed Home Exercise Program (HEP) to perform alongside regular therapy sessions. This decreases the time to seeing results and increases the odds of reaching goals.


Education is everything. Our therapists take clients through a specific education program designed to help clients absorb information about their treatment plan. They work with clients to increase effectiveness of treatment outside of regular sessions.


Our team of Functional Exercise Therapists provides detailed notes for initial evaluations and re-evaluations.

Paths to Client Success

FTU’s treatment programs are delivered in a highly personal, one-on-one setting. Our therapists stay by the client’s side throughout the entire treatment session.

Our services can be conducted at a client’s home, at a gym, an assisted living facility, and other locations to be flexible to the client’s needs. Community integration is our ultimate goal.

Client success is our mission, so we ask clients to adhere to a strict attendance policy. We believe success is not possible if treatment is not delivered consistently.

To increase the odds of continued client success, we offer a maintenance program. We check in with clients, conduct sessions, or make adjustments to their Home Exercise Program if needed.

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