Functional Massage Therapy

Two Types of Therapy:

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage -Warms muscle and fascia, increases blood flow and promotes relaxation
Trigger Point Massage – Addresses specific areas of pain with sustained pressure at one location
Deep Tissue Massage – Deep pressure over larger areas to work wide spread pain issues

Manual Therapy

Scar Release – Direct pressure applied to scars to reduce adhesions and promote new skin growth
Myofascial Release – Direct pressure to reduce myofascial restrictions that limit Range of Motion and cause pain
Joint Mobilization – Multiple techniques including active, resisted and passive stretching to improve joint mobility

Specialized training with:

Spinal Cord Injury – including paralysis, autonomic dysreflexia, colostomy & catheters

Traumatic Brain Injury – including how to respond to and address anger management issues and short-term memory issues.

Amputations – including scar release, skin growth, phantom pain

Orthopedic Injuries – including hardware implants, joint replacements, lymphatic drainage

The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy


Functional Therapy Unlimited’s Massage Therapy services can be easily provided at home, residential facilities, or at our FTU corporate office.


All of our Functional Massage Therapists go through extensive training on specific techniques and requirements of working with disabled individuals.


Massage Therapy addresses the physical aspects of injury as well as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


FTU’s Functional Massage Therapists provide education for self-care and independence, showing clients how to address their injuries between sessions, preparing them for eventual discharge.


Relaxation may be one benefit of massage. Goals are also established to address pain level & frequency, pain medication use, flexibility, and the performance of activities of daily living.

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