Land Therapy

Highly-customized land-based fitness therapy improves the lives of the disabled.

Land therapy and fitness therapy helps Michigan disabled manYour loved one or client has survived, undergone medical care and follow-up physical care. But what about improvement? How about empowering them to reach farther, transfer to and from a wheelchair more easily, perform daily activities with great ease, be more independent.

That is where fitness therapy comes in — to provide improvement in the lives of the disabled. A powerful component of fitness therapy is known as land-based fitness therapy.

Our land-based fitness therapy is highly customized to the abilities of each client. Fitness therapy is not “physical therapy” or “fitness training.” Fitness training focuses on improving the overall health of the able-bodied individual. And physical therapy is the stage in the continuum of care that comes prior to fitness therapy.

Fitness therapy (note the word therapy) focuses on improvement, restoration, prevention of further dysfunction, as well as maintenance of the abilities of individuals with adaptive needs (i.e. disabled persons). It can occur weeks or months after physical therapy ends.

Many people believe land-based fitness therapy is all about lifting weights. In actuality, land therapy covers all aspects of total-body recovery. Generally, we start and end with stretching each muscle group. This allows the individual to prepare the body to accept the proper training and to recover from exercises performed. By doing this, the risk for injury is greatly reduced.

Additionally, land therapy allows our clients to build and strengthen muscle in the injured area(s) while simultaneously improving the total body.

What is the difference between land therapy and aquatic therapy? While aquatic therapy provides consistent resistance, land therapy allows for the resistance to be measured and increased as seen fit by the fitness therapist.

Our fitness therapists follow strict ethical and professional guidelines, and perform through the guidance of a physician or other therapist who works closely with us to improve your loved ones’ overall well being and physical condition.

Fitness Therapy Unlimited is a mobile therapy service and works in many facilities that are close to our clients. Travel is minimized to make attending the therapy as easy as possible for the client.

If you have any questions about land therapy, or wish to schedule a consultation, please call us at (248) 792-3633.