Functional Exercise Therapy
vs. Physical Therapy

We’re often asked about the difference between what we provide, Functional Exercise Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Functional Exercise Therapy is a rather new field and many are still learning about it, so it’s natural to try to find something to compare it to. Physical Therapy, on the other hand, is a well-known institution within the rehabilitation community. It’s important to know the difference, however, because it can make a big difference in the life of someone who needs more treatment after Physical Therapy ends.

  • Functional Exercise Therapy helps to bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and a Home Exercise Program (HEP).
  • Physical Therapy focuses on the specific injured area(s) of the patient’s body, whereas Functional Exercise Therapy focuses on total body health and wellness by conditioning the patient’s entire body.
  • Functional Exercise Therapy focuses on long-term recovery and prepares an individual to function independently by staying physically active across a lifespan, which begins right after a patient is discharged from physical therapy.

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I want to express how pleased we are with the improvement in [our client]'s mobility as a result of the work with your therapist. Her mobility now is better than I have ever observed since working with her as a client.


Case Manager